Practice Yoga – Change the World

Introduction – The human rights

To begin this blog, I first would like to take you on a quick journey to the human rights, as they are given by the UN.

If you click on that link above and have a look at this “universal declaration”, as it is called, there are 30 points that should ensure that every “member of the human family” can live in freedom and peace. I will just show you some examples, but most of those rights are not given in this very moment. This doesn’t mean they’re not applying at any place in this world, but most of those rights are unfulfilled for a lot of people in our human family. The universal declaration somehow gets ignored.

Article 1.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Now I could write a thousands words, about where and where not people are born free and equal in dignity, or starting to question if everyone is equipped with reason and conscience. But just let me say that often we do not act in a spirit of brotherhood with people around us. So in other words, Article 1 of the human rights is violated again and again and again and nobody bats an eye.

Article 12.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Data kraken in apps, data kraken everywhere in the internet and anywhere else too. Collecting data, sometimes even without your permission. And what about the attacks upon ones honour? Downtalk, mobbing, slut shaming, body shaming, just a few topics to name here.

I could do a whole list just with every single one of those 30 points and underline the conditions that proof, that those rights are not given for everyone like they should. Take a look at it and you will see that this declaration isn’t universal at all. I don’t blame the UN for it. I blame humankind for it. To understand this, you should continue to read.

Media, Society and what they’ve done to humankind

If I should describe our society today, it would somehow look like this: a few people caring, but not enough. The masses make a fuss about who has the most money instead of finally starting to care what can be done to minimze the gap between rich and poor. Fussing about instagram likes and followers, which trend the Kim K’s of this world are living right now and so on. Media powered by fear. I’m pretty sure there aren’t just only bad news in this world. Bad news just get the most attention. That’s just the easiest filter they use, this priority of news. Mainstream media: Shame on you!  Advertisements that use peoples insecurties to sell their products. How many girls and women today hate the picture they see in the mirror just because someone tries to tell them what they should look like. In what sick society do we live in which thigh gaps, starving models, more money than you can ever spend in your life and the Kim K’s are being seen as the status quo? A society in which children nowadays first learn to use a smartphone before they can even talk?  A society where teenagers start to fight randomly people and those seeing it keeping their mouth shut (worst case: even filming it but not helping). A society in which children die from starvation every 10 seconds, though there could be enough food for anyone. I stop here.

The main message of this is: Media, Society and we ourselves did great on separating. Separating everyone from everything. Humans separated from nature, humans separated from faith, humans separated from each other. And because we are so separated, we do not stand together to change the things that could be much better in this world.

This world could be a beautiful place, but right now freak-show is reaching it’s climax. It’s a shame how we treat each other, how we treat mother nature and still think we are the supreme species. Our climate goes crazy, way too much people are suffering from hunger or not having a home or proper health care, though we have all the money, food and other tricks, that could provide this. Instead of helping each other trying to create a harmonious world, we fight each other, and we all should pray that World War II was the last one. Those who are our leaders maybe have a tough job, but please start acting in a democratic way. Do not get elected and then do the f*ck whatever you want. Be representative. For the people, not some lobbyists. I live in a country where I am complaining from a very privileged background. I do not suffer hunger, I have a home, there is no war in my country, I have access to fresh food and water. I live a happy life. But I’ve always been a person that cared. And now I fear for humankind. Humanity is a value that needs to be restored, to be re-established. In every single one of us.

Yoga and changing the world

Yoga is a sanskrit word and means unity. But what exactly refers unity to? For me it’s the unity with everything that surrounds me. Nature, people, animals and something I can’t put in words but I refer to it as universe or love. Sometimes I name it god, like others do. Furthermore unity on the most “easiest” level is unity of my own body, mind and soul. Since I practice yoga, my life has changed. I’ve never been super negative or something like that, but like most people, my past formed me and I had and sometimes still have to deal with insecurities. My body is not my enemy anymore. It’s my home. There are no “strangers” anymore. Of course I have bad days, I am only human, but this deep old wisdom helps me to get through those bad days without going crazy or starting a diet or showing other self-destructive behaviour like I did in teenage days. Yoga helps, with one breath at a time, to find yourself, to know that you are worth it, to know that you are loveable, to know that everybody else is lovable too, because we are all one. We are one family. The human family. Our home is planet earth. And we only have this one home. And this one life. We should protect it and each other the best we can, and this, we cannot face alone.

If we want to change the world we need to raise our voices. We need to act. Therefore we need self-confident. But when do we feel confident? When we are loved. We need to learn to love ourselves again. No matter what. We are loveable. You are loveable. This love is always there and will always be. No matter how you look, what you wear, how big your bank account is or what anyone else think. And if you truly love yourself, there is no other option than loving others. Then you can share this love and never run empty.

What this blog is for

With this blog, I want to contribute to global positive change in my way. The Yoga-Way. There will be tonnes of stuff about Yoga. Asanas, Meditation and Pranayama, Yoga-Philosophy. Yoga helped me to love myself and to believe in myself. And moreover it’s a holistic approach how to live an ethically correct life. Moreover there will philosophical or spiritual stuff and science, alternative lifestyle content, alternative media content. Stuff that makes you happy, stuff that may change your common point of view, stuff that will make you think twice, stuff for a happier, healthier, life. A free life.

I want to encourage you to be your true you. Not the you media or society or even me tells you to be, but your shiniest self. I want to encourage you to speak your truth and stand in for it. Be courageous, be wild, your opinion and your voice are so important! This shall be a place for like-minded to exchange ideas and information, but also for everyone else that is interested in some content here on this site. Feel free to ask for content, maybe I can do a blog on it. Feel free to ask for anything else. The goal isn’t to turn anyone into a Yogi (if that happens it’s also ok :D), convert to something or anything else. You’re a free person. This is just my offer, the content I provide. Take what you need that helps you to be more you, to lead a life with your eyes, your mind and your heart wide open!

Much Love, Jane








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