Coming back to Writing.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been actively posting something here. It’s not that I had no ideas, my focus was just elsewhere. Some of you may know that I am attending a vinyasa yoga teacher training since September 2017. And it’s such a beautiful but also an intense time in my life. Intense on so many levels. My practices changes and deepens, I get more details on different aspects and also learn new things like anatomy. My fellow teacher trainees are a bunch of wonderful people who support each other and we all learn also new things about ourselves. Everyone has their ups and downs.

When it comes to writing, I do write about things that I’ve experienced myself or about things that changed my perspectives or touched me in a certain kind of way. It’s not that I just write so I can post here and maybe someone reads it. I want to share content with a meaning that maybe resonates with things you like or maybe make you change your perspectives or give you a good mood or whatever. Something positive. Things to try by yourself.

Being totally immersed in this teacher training and all it’s up and downs, my focus over the last weeks was to be a good student, learn all the things so I become a super good teacher that can do good to the people. But I had like a script what to learn. I’m thankful for that opportunity, but on the other hand when you are “told what to do”, there’s little free space in our thoughts. If something like this occurs, we focus on what the outside gives us and don’t listen how our hearts respond to it. Don’t get me wrong, in my case, it’s not that dramatic because while studying I personally grew and came across a hundred things I could write about, I just didn’t feel like I wanted to put them into an article right that moment. I was focused on the exams and so on. But right now, the theoretical part is done, and I feel like it’s okay to sit here for a couple of hours to think about this post and write it down.

What I want you to maybe think about is: Where in your life you are told to do certain things? What are those things? Who tells it to you (yourself, your family, media, society…) How do you feel about it? Does it feel good or does it stress you out? Does it feel like it helps you grow or does it block your creativity, your ideas and dreams? One of my goals in 2018 is to live life more according to my feelings. I wanna listen more to my intuition and live authentically. I just don’t wanna do things because somebody wants me to or because everybody else is excited about it. If I don’t truly resonate with it, I simply do not do it, say it, feel it, eat it. It’s a process of work, but a worthy one. Life gets easier, you’ll maybe be happier.

So right now like I said I feel like I have lots of ideas and time and space to think more about it and maybe write them down and be more active here. I also noticed the past weeks in which situations I try to step out of being responsible for what amount of time I have for “me-time”. Now I learned if I really truly wanna do something just for myself like having a relaxing bath or because I wanna share positive content, that nothing stops me from it. The “but first I have to clean the room and then I have to do grocery shopping and then I have to study blablabla…..” it’s just thoughts. You decide what you do. Pick a few things from your to-do-list but make sure there’s space every day for something you really would love to do with compassion. Write that book, go learn how to cook, meditate, create a painting, learn a language….whatever makes you feel excited and happy.

I hope you find things that make you happy this year. Always remember you are the one in control. You are in charge of yourself. Do no harm, but take no shit. According to this mantra, let this year be the goddamn best year. Every single day.

Peace & Love




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