Rituals, Magic and the Moon

Today is a special day for all those that want to make this year a great year! I’m a strong believer in the power of the moon. For me, it’s not just made up nonsense that people go crazy on full moons. The moon’s influence on the tides is well known and think about it… the moon moves water and our bodies contain a high percentage of fluids, so how could the moon not have an influence on us?

Rituals can be your source of well-being in your everyday life. I’ve got several ones, for example, every evening I note down things for which I am grateful, or I got rituals for special occasions and moon phases. First, it sounds a bit witchy and awkward but let me tell you, even the “witches” back in the days just believed in the power of nature, pacha mama and the cosmic constellations. A ritual can connect you with your true self, give you a sense of peace, wholeness and grounding. It might bring back your trust in life or deepen it and it can create a special framework for you to work on yourself.

This article is going to be about today’s new moon in Capricorn, how you can set up a ritual and why this could help to manifest your dreams into reality.


The New Moon

New moons are one important turning point in the lunar calendar and mark new beginnings. The old cycle comes to an end and the new cycle is about to start. The new moon is the turning point and from here, the moon as we can see it starts to grow again for 14 days until there is a new full moon.  This means new moons are the perfect time to think about new plans, to start manifesting your dreams into reality. They bring the potential for creation and growth.

Capricorn and the New Moon

The zodiac sign, the moon entered during this phase, is Capricorn. This zodiac sign belongs to the earth signs which represent the qualities of discipline, consistency, productivity, grounding and responsibility. Capricorn especially tends to be patient, hardworking and ambitious. So the qualities of the Capricorn paired with the qualities of a new moon seem to be just perfect for creating a fresh start, setting up your plans and manifesting the life you want to live.

Rituals, Magic and Manifesting your Dreams

Right from the start, I wanna get rid of some illusions about magic. I’m not going to give you a spell and if you repeat it three times, a fairy with a bag of gold comes through your door. Life in its essence is pure magic. The whole universe is magic a.f. We live on a planet with lots of different species and there are other planets and stars and a huge fireball we call the sun… isn’t that magic enough?

I also believe that all this magic was created by a super strong force which I like to call love, sometimes consciousness or universe, sometimes god. There are so many names because you can’t explain it properly with words. This magical force is in every one of us and everywhere around us. Everything is made out of it. And if you know how, you can communicate with this power and it can help you with your plans. You always have to work for it, but it gets much easier when you tune in to the laws of the universe.

Creating a Ritual

1. Your Holy Space

The first step, if you wanna get in touch and create a ritual that can help you, is to create a “holy space”. This means, creating a place for yourself where you can spend half an hour just for you. Where you feel comfortable, cozy and nobody is going to interrupt you. If you want, lit some candles, burn some incense, play your favourite music for slow and calm situations, drink some tea. This is all about going inward, connecting with the desires of your soul. Set the right ambience.

2. Connecting

With step one, you already initiated step two. If the ambience feels right, try to connect a little more. Meditate a few minutes, do a little yoga sequence, chant something, pray or maybe just sit and take a few deep breaths to really relax. Try to create a calm, but positive and strong feeling within you.

3. Do the Hard Work

Write down or think about your plans. I can only recommend to write them down because once you write down a thought it’s more manifested than it was in your head. For new moons especially, write down your goals. What do you want to achieve? Where are you not happy and want to change? How do you wanna change? And why? Never forget the why! Do only things that RESONATE with your HEART. Get your intentions from your inside, not the outside. Don’t go exercising because everyone is skinny, go exercising because you wanna have a healthy body. Which qualities do you want to invite to your life? After you answered those questions try to get more sincere. Note down interim stages, so little goals, that bring you closer to the big ones. A goal can only be achieved by taking one task at a time. Every single task is as important as the big picture.

If you want, you can also try to note down affirmations, so little sentences which are written in present time and you repeat them every day like a mantra and in which you truly believe. As long as you do not believe an affirmation, it’s useless.  They can help you stay focused on your goals.

The Final Step

When you have your final list of goals, interim goals and affirmations, take a few more minutes and concentrate on those things. Try to focus very strongly on your intentions, maybe you can try and visualize some of the goals. How will you look like when you’ll have achieved them, how will it feel like, smell, taste and so on? The more vivid your imagination becomes, the more definite your descriptions and thoughts are and the easier the universe can help you. End your ceremony, but remember to work every day on your goals. Just a simple ritual and then laying back on the sofa won’t do it, for sure!

Tune into the natural cycles of nature

I hope you enjoyed this little post and maybe you’re curious now about creating your own personal ritual. If you want something, you have to work for it. Set the right intentions and trust in something bigger. We are natur-al beings, and nature works in cycles. If we tune back into this natural cosmic cycles we can connect with sources of energy that will support us on our way. Have a super nice new moon everyone!

Peace and Love




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