Yoga & Mountainbike Retreat

Summer is just around the corner and maybe you haven’t planned your vacation yet. If you’re into yoga, mountain biking, hiking and nature, then maybe this could be something for you.

I will be teaching on an activity holiday from 07. July to 11. July 2018 and 11. August to 15. August 2018 in Maria Alm, Austria. There will be two yoga classes per day, one in the morning and the other one in the evening (if you book the yoga package; if you book the adventure package, you can join a few times) and I will also host some workshops on the topics mindfulness/awareness and self-love/self-trust.

Flyer Workshops Maria Alm

Be Mindful: In this 90-minute workshop, I will first talk about the stress in our lives and what stress looks like on a physical, emotional and psychological level. Then we are going to talk about mindfulness: What is it? Why is it so helpful in stress-reduction and what are other benefits? The last part of this workshop will include various simple exercises that are easy to integrate into your daily life so that you can start working on your well-being immediately.

Trust Yourself: Another 90-minute workshop on the topics self-love and self-trust. We often are afraid to go new ways or try new things and often we think “I can’t do this”. In this workshop, I will explain why we lose trust in ourselves, why thoughts are immensely powerful and why self-love and being mindful is super important in the context of confidence. After that, we will talk about how you can gain your confidence back and you are going to learn different techniques to apply in your daily life, so you can walk easily through life without doubting yourself.

Meditation in Motion: On this 2.5-hour hike we are going to try to be as mindful as possible. I will lead you through different exercises and meditations, for example walking barefoot or walking in silence, just to name a few. Let’s walk a bit together and experience nature in a conscious way. (Not included in the booking; 12€ p.P.)

Self-Care: This is a 90-minute private class. No matter if it’s back pain or tight shoulders, emotional or life-issues, you name it, we work on it. After we found out on what aspects of your life you want to work, we are going to put together a feel-good-self-care-program just for you. This can include yoga, breath work, meditation, journaling or creating little personal rituals. If we are going to include yoga-asana, then we’re going to also work on your proper alignment in the poses to set a firm base for your home practice. Treat yourself to a personal self-care package that you can take home to your everyday life. (Not included in the booking; 75€)

Accommodation & Booking

The retreat takes place in the Hotel Eder, a 4-star lifestyle and wellness hotel in the center of Maria Alm but at the same time close to nature and placed in the scenery of the Hochkönig area. If you are interested in this retreat and you want some more details, head over to the webpage of the host, Alpin Tours.

Note: I’m not getting any money for recruited guests. I just want to inform you, that there is a cool vacation-retreat-booking and that I will be the lucky one to teach you yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Ready for Summer?

So, that’s it. It would be super cool if we are going to meet at these dates for yoga, nature and a good time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or reach out to me if you have booked this retreat. I’m curious about who is going to come 🙂

May you all have a wonderful summer full of sunshine, love and laughter.

Peace and Love,


Laura Jane


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