Leo New Moon – King and Queen of Hearts

Leo New Moon

Leo season is still running and this New Moon in Leo is going to be intense with the energies. Six planets are in retrograde and this means our feelings and inner worlds could be on a rollercoaster the recent days. Try to maintain an open heart, the courage to live according to your visions and the joyfulness and pride of the Lion. We are all kings and queens, now is our time to roar on and off the yoga mats!

New Moons call for new beginnings

The time of the New Moon is, in general, a nice time to set intentions, plant new seeds or start new chapters in life. The New Moon phenomenon appears because the moon is between the sun and the earth in this phase. The “dark side” of the moon gets illuminated here, the side we can’t see from earth. Taking this as a metaphor, the hidden parts of our feelings come now to the light. The darkness holds the full potential of every possibility that is out there in the universe. Use this time to set intentions (in your yoga practice, meditate or write them down) and connect yourself to your deepest wishes in life.

Leo New Moon & Mercury Retrograde

This New Moon is going to be under the influence of Leo. Leo’s energy is proud, self-conscious, fun, strong but with a good heart and honest intentions. Maybe you have already figured out which things in your life don’t serve you anymore and which qualities you want to integrate from now on. Take this information and build your intentions on them. Now it’s the time to step out of the corner into the spotlight. Show the world that you are a king/a queen and that you are perfectly fine just the way you are. Transform the ego dark sides and shine bright like the star you are. Now is the time to act according to what your heart whispers to you.

Mercury is very close to this new moon constellation and still sends energies that promote introspection because of retrograde (and five other planets do so too). It’s okay now to take time for yourself. Analyse where in the past you acted not heart-driven but ego-driven. Forgive yourself these things and let them transform into wisdom that helps you come closer to your higher-self. Another aspect here could be to overthink past relationships. Where did communication maybe go wrong and therefore you should be open to another chance? What were mature communications that led to growth and love? Again, the messages from your heart are more important than ever and personal insight helps you to make big steps forward in your life. Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore and create some courage. Live life heart-forward.

Enjoy and celebrate that you get the chance to start new and fresh! These constellations can help you to open a new door to a new you. A door to that vision of yourself that you always wanted to become reality.

Expansion is the thing!

Jupiter in Scorpio has an enlarging type of energy. It’s in square aspect to the Sun-Moon-Mercury constellation thus meaning that maybe you’re a little challenged here. Don’t push too hard to get some honour and fame (get rid of jealousy) but rather work on expanding your compassion to what’s important to you and communicate that to the world. The rest will flow easily into your life during the next cycle.

At the same time, Jupiter’s position is very harmonious with Neptune. Neptune’s energies representing the energies of our “higher-self” are getting a boost here. Bring the inside out, show your true self.

MoonYoga & Rituals

So how could it look like to work with these energies streaming in from outer space? In general, these days offer you that summer that everybody is dreaming of. You are living life to the fullest, to the truest version of yourself, surrounded by your beloved ones. Creating good things and dwelling on feelings of fun, harmony & growth. Here are some ideas to help you to bring the Leo Summer Magic into your life. I don’t know if there is such a thing as “perfect timing” but it’s nice to work on those things just around the time of the new moon (you can easily find the exact time for where you are on the internet). I like to do these things in the evening somehow and therefore will be doing my practice and journaling on Friday evening (German time zone). Anyway, I guess any timing around the time of the new moon that feels right for you will be fine.

On the mat:

Leo corresponds to the cardiovascular system, the spine, the heart and a strong back. It belongs to the element of fire, but the quality here is warming and loving. Beneficial here could be to practice flows like the Surya Namaskar or any other type of flow. The body likes mobilisation of the spine so twists and easy backbends but also easy forward folds. Examples of asanas could be cat-cow pose, flat back to forward fold, small cobra or seated forward folds. Energetically you can practice things that work with the heart-chakra to unlock all the love in your heart but also with your navel chakra to create that attitude of a Lion/a Lioness.

When you start your practice you can also form a Sankalpa. Literally, the word means decision or intention and a short explanation could be that it works similar to an affirmation. Sit quietly, focus on your breathing.  Concentrate on your heart area and then frame a short, positive sentence in the present tense. Do this in your mother tongue. Really FEEL this sentence. It’s not just “I want to get this or that”, it’s a wish deep down from your heart, something that gives you a boost in the morning and a positive mindset for the future. The Sankalpa is a seed that you plant at the beginning of your practice. Come back to it whenever you start and finish practising or whenever you need it until it blooms; until it manifests in your life. Trust in the process and don’t ask about the outcome. New Moons are great to combine this with your yoga practice.

If you’d like to grab a free PDF of my practice for this New Moon (it’s about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on how much time you want to stay in the poses) just email me 🙂 There is NO newsletter, membership or anything hidden, it’s just a free offer I make for those who struggle to roll out the mat.

Off the mat:

Take some time to think about the things mentioned in the astrology section. So this could be: what is your vision of how you want to live fully authentic, act out of a sense of love, understanding and unity? What are you compassionate about and what are the things/people in your life which you want to protect and uplift? How can you communicate these things in a mature way with a gentle heart but a strong intention? Write these things down, visualise them, meditate on them, just do something to really process the information.

We are the Kings and Queens of our own reality

I hope you enjoyed the information presented and that you can find your way to be a Lion/a Lioness and roar. Roar like you never did before and have fun with your pack on the way.

Have a nice weekend everyone,

Laugh and Love, Namaste


Laura Jane


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