Pisces Full Moon – Harmonious Support, Intense Feelings

Pisces Full Moon

The coming full moon on Sunday, August 26th, will bring energies that you can use to bring things which matter to you, into manifestation. The cosmic constellations provide harmonious energies to work with but if you are not willing to balance things out, you are going to have a turbulent ride.

Feelings versus Rational Mind

This coming full moon will be in Pisces, a sign representing our spiritual side and feelings. As the Moon is the ruler of this sign, emotionally intense times could come up for you, both positive and negative. On top of this, it’s the full moon with its energy shining brightly upon your feelings and emotions. The motto here is: Feel all the feelings! In contrast, we have the sun in Virgo. What we show to the world and also our rational mind and ego are called here. You may try to organize and analyze everything and that can be very tiring. Though, these energies offer you to make a fresh and clean new start.

This aspect builds the major influence, the “spine” of the geometrical construct (see the chart below) the planets are building. These energies are asking you to balance them out, to bring them together. Look at what’s going on inside yourself and you may find a deeper meaning to the things happening in your life. Virgo energy can support you to give yourself a structure, to make a path for yourself to walk on to achieve the things that matter to you. However, not all things in life come as we planned them, so the Pisces energy is asking you to surrender. To do your best but to surrender yourself to something bigger. Everything comes to you with perfect timing and placement, so don’t push too hard on any deadlines you set for yourself.  Create an idea, go step by step but also go with the flow.

Earth Grand Trine and the Kite

The geometrical structure I am talking about here is a special one. The planets are in an alignment that forms a kite, an aspect which is referred to as to be very beneficial.

Pisces Full Moon Chart

We already talked about the opposition, now let’s have a look at these smoothing and supporting energies. Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (all earth signs) are forming a Grand Trine aspect. These energies are supporting each other and also sending supporting energies down to earth. During the next days you could come up with new ideas and plans, you welcome change and additionally, you get things moving and working easily. The earth signs provide you with a lot of energies that you can use to manifest things easily. The last super important aspect here is the Minor Grand Trine formed by Moon, Saturn and Uranus. These energies provide a lot of practical work with your feelings. If you sit with your feelings, observe them, meditate, journal. Work with them, then you get the chance to figure out very easily what is important to you and which changes you want to implement to live life more in tune with the universal flow aka what brings you joy and happiness. All these aspects together form a “kite”, an aspect pattern which is known for smoothing out rough waves.  The message here is that the universe provides you with all the help you need. It may look challenging to you but if you surrender yourself to something bigger and at the same time give your best, you can manage to balance out what is causing you internal turmoils. Listen to your heart, cultivate your soft side and meet the materialistic world half way.

Some more lessons and transformation

There are some other planetary aspects I’d like to mention quickly because they could explain some up’s and down’s of these days but also offer the chances to sail safely through these full moon waters.

Mercury finally coming out of retrograde, so finally communicating things could become easier, especially when it comes to relationships/friendships. The area of social relationships but also the relationship with yourself could undergo some hard times. Old or hidden patterns could show up and because feelings are a big topic this full moon, you could feel some tension here (Venus square Pluto). Nevertheless, Jupiter shows up and has some supporting vibes to offer to Pluto and Neptun. Our “higher self” (Neptun) or the best vision of yourself could undergo a beneficial transformation if you pay attention to these lessons and try to learn them or at least work with them, instead of falling back into old, unuseful, destructive patterns.

Last but not least, finally Mars is coming out of retrograde the day after the full moon, so taking action will become a lot easier.

Moon Yoga & Rituals

You might have already noticed that things are going in the right direction but now some pressure and obstacles are showing up. In summary, this full moon is asking you to bring everything into a “full circle”, to balance things out. HEALING is the key word here. Heal your old wounds. Live from your heart. Bring your inside world into the outside world.

Off the mat: Ask yourself which things need to come into a full circle? Either to let them go fully or to complete them?  Take your time not just to look at your demons but to dissect them so you can learn from them. Virgo got your back.  Next, pay attention to your feelings. What is your heart longing for? What matters to you? What makes you happy? Cultivate some self-care, be open to receive things. Let go of what you can’t control, take the rest and do your best. Define where you need to balance out your feelings, your wishes, your dreams with your every-day life. Maybe a few points less on the to-do list and a few more points for filling your heart with things that bring you joy. Connection, pleasure, the sunny side of life. It’s about staying grounded while not losing connection to your wildest dreams. Journal, meditate about it, ask yourself those questions.

On the mat: The zodiac sign Pisces represents the area of the feet. Stretch them, massage them, pay attention to how you ground your feet in the asana practice. Moreover, a grounding practice is super supporting as we have all these earth signs up in the cosmic constellation. Standing poses with a focus on the feet (and of course balancing poses), but also seated asanas and a big Shavasana. Maybe you try a yin and yang practice, as it is about balance. Do some flows, create some heat and then go into yin and restorative poses and just breathe. Breathe it all out and feel everything. Then surrender in Shavasana. Trust in the universe.

If you’r into mantra and chanting, I would recommend you the Baba Hanuman mantra, as it tells us the story of the unconditional love, that risks everything (Hanuman) to support the beauty, the sacred gift of the relationship between the source (Rama), from that everything is made, and our world (Sita). Or any other Mantra about Sita and Rama :).

Surrender Yourself to the Universe and Everything Will Flow into Your Life

That’s it. Step by step, breath by breath and by taking the breaks we need to fully listen to our heart’s whispering, we can manage to bring everything into perfect balance for us. There is no such thing that’s perfect. Balance is the midpoint in a continuum and we can try to cultivate a sense of going with the flow so that even high tides don’t scare us or at least do not stop us. and we manage to bring everything out there that helps us to navigate smoothly.

Happy weekend and nice full moon to everyone!

Laugh and Love, Namaste ❤ 🙂


Laura Jane


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