Virgo New Moon – Dream Your Reality

Virgo New Moon Header

The last waves of cosmic energies were quite a ride and it felt like fishing in muddy waters. On Sunday, the new moon will occur in the sign of Virgo. Confusion might be around but also the time qualities hold the opportunity to let the dust settle and see the bottom of the lake. There, you find your personal treasure. Autumn season is about to start and it’s time to harvest the things we have earned through authentic work.

Organized Virgo facing Dreamy Neptune

Sun and Moon are meeting in the sign of Virgo. The incoming energies are very organized and clean, so it’s time to refine the things you’re working on. The confusion you may feel here is due to Virgo’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules this sign and is sending energies that are asking us to dream, to fantasize and to connect to the spiritual realms. We come from a place which holds every possibility you can imagine and, at the same time, is a wonderful chaos. These energies in opposition might cause tension because either your head is just a bit too much in the clouds and you can’t bring your ideas down to earth, or you just run behind the material world’s to-do-list and your inner child is crying out to you to believe in your dreams. As usual, balance these energies. Use the tension as a teacher. It shows you where you need to smooth out the edges to make a full circle. Virgo is a great healing sign that likes to bring body, mind and soul together. You may feel the need now to really live according to your vision of life and your own set of standards. Go for it!

In the next time, Mercury is also residing in the sign of Virgo, thus communication comes easy and well-structured. Still, pay attention to speaking your truth and keeping your authenticity. The energies want some balance here, too!

Light vs Darkness

It’s always been about these two sides. Naturally, we want to choose the light but the darkness wove its threads deep into our subconsciousness. In these times the energies you experience may be stressing because old wounds, toxic and manipulative patterns or over-sacrificing behaviour could arise (Pluto influence). As mentioned before, try not to lose yourself in these negative patterns but use the Virgo energy to analyze these feelings. This holds the key to healing, to transformation and to freedom. The dynamics of relationships might change and it may feel rough in the beginning but use the fresh winds to free yourself from things that hold you down.

Some planets are in a transition phase and all these ups and down’s, the foggy and the clear moments, all these things are symptoms of these transitions. From old to new. Transformation is on its way and with the new moon, we can plant the seeds to bloom in our true colours.

Manifesting Dreams

All these energies seem to give us quite a ride but with the new moon, things will settle and load up for a fresh start. The cosmic energies are aligning in a so-called “Grand Earth Trine”. A trine is an aspect built up of the alignment of three planets that form a triangle with 60° angles and it’s said to be a very fortunate constellation. This trine takes place in the earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, thus the sails are set for manifesting things down here in the material world. With Mercury, Saturn and Uranus this calls for well-organized steps to put plans into action and for innovative ideas. Allow yourself to dream big and also keep your feet on the ground when it comes to taking action. These aspects combined, you manifest your dreams into reality, success is on its way!

Moon Yoga & Rituals

So what are the things you could actually do if you want to work with these energies and bring your wildest dreams alive? New moons are the time when the energy comes to its minimum. Draw the power back, nourish yourself to come back stronger and grow taller.

Off the mat: What is your life vision? What are your dreams? Your heart’s desires? Ask yourself these questions and sit with them quite a while. Let feelings and visualisations form and then write them down. Allow yourself to dream wildly. Don’t limit yourself, that’s what dreams are for! What old wounds and patterns that arose from these wounds are still present within you but block you from moving on and living the life you want and deserve? Realizing is the first step in the healing. Be brutally honest with yourself. Sometimes healing is painful but this pain can transform you and strengthen you to rise above what held you down. I also like to take baths on new moons to nourish my own energy and recharge. You can also combine that with your personal ritual of letting go of things that no longer serve you. Writing down your thoughts on paper can help you with manifesting the things you want to welcome in your life.

On the mat: The sign of Virgo is associated with the lower belly area and the intestines. Hip-opening poses and supported backbends feel good to create a lot of space in this region (supported supta baddha konasana on a bolster ❤ ). Gentle twists support the blood flow to the internal organs and thus support “detoxing” functions. Letting go is a key focus here. Add some grounding poses and forward folds to keep you on the ground and humble and you have a well-rounded practice that suits the energies. Keep it slow, yin and restorative poses hold the qualities you may need now. For those who like different meditation techniques, now it’s time to use visualizations. Create an inner picture of the life you want to live. Go into detail and remember that nothing is impossible! Other meditations are throat chakra meditations to care for the energies concerning authentic and honest communication, third eye meditations/visualisations to connect to the spiritual energies and root chakra meditations to keep you grounded and safe.

Dream Gold

Autumn is the time of harvest and feast but also the time when the energy in nature starts to draw back to the roots and the core. Take your time to connect with your roots, your core, to connect with YOURSELF. Bring these highly valuable dreams into reality by overcoming the past and acknowledging the hard work you did to be who and where you are now. The future holds countless wonderful possibilities and if you decide to toss some weight, these winds will fly you high without cutting the connection to your roots on the ground. Plant seeds of unconditional love. This holds you safe.

I wish you all a happy new moon.

Love & Laugh, Namaste 🙂 ❤


Laura Jane


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