Gemini Full Moon – Progress is in the Air

Gemini Full Moon

The coming full moon on November 23rd is going to be about progress, relationships and ideas. We’re asked to bring our talents to the table and if we keep a clear vision and are able to not push too hard on the things we want, the universe is sending blessings all the way. As usual, we have to put in the work to harvest the fruits

Ideas, bigger pictures and relationships

Full Moon in Gemini is associated with the gaining of wisdom or information. The sign of Gemini stands for ideas, flexibility and easy adaption. And as the moon just entered this sign (0.5°) we are standing in front of a blank page. Everything is possible. We could feel the strive to move forward or to finally bring this vision of ourselves which we created the last new moon to live.

On the other side, in opposition to the moon, we have the Sun and Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius. The person we are and that we show the world is thinking in bigger pictures. We want to move to the sunny side of life. Not just an artificial, commercial, short-time happiness but rather living our ethics and morals and thus helping to create a more loving world.

Mercury (still in retrograde until December 6th) is accompanying the Sun and Jupiter. So it’s better to not directly put every idea or thought into the process of manifestation. Mercury retrograde makes it harder to communicate easily and it’s not the perfect time to start something new.

With these constellations given another conflict that may occur is what we want to bring into this world and how our families and close ones think of that.

Venus in Opposition to Uranus, Mars Square Full Moon

Having relationships as a topic, Venus in Libra opposite to Uranus in Aries doesn’t make things easier. The free-spirited nature of Uranus’s energy may hold a lot of surprises. Either you feel the need to free yourself from relationships that don’t hold anything good for you or older relationships get a new flip to them.

Another stressing aspect is the square that Mars builds to the Moon and also to the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. We can experience a lot of drive and motivation these days but just jumping forward and pushing things to the limit won’t do it. If we are able to bring impulsive reactions under control we can manage to maintain our balance. Listen to the voice within and ask yourself am I just reacting to external stimuli or do I make my own evaluated decisions based on facts and aligned with my values?

How to work with the energies

The Gemini Full Moon gives us a bright and lucky outlook for the coming weeks if we are able to act with circumspection.

It’s important to learn that we have the power to create what we want. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. It’s designed to help us learn, grow and evolve. You don’t just have to react to external stimuli and jump to conclusions based on past experiences. You can decide to be in the moment. Every moment. And in the present moment, you have all the tools you need: your intuition, the analytical mind and your emotions. Observe them.

Off the mat: Gemini energy is crafty and artsy. Write, draw, work with your hands and create something! Also, you can work with these questions to see what’s your individual message this Gemini Full Moon.

  • Are some new moon intentions accomplished? If yes, what helped you, if no what needs to be refined?

  • What things happened to me in the last weeks which I’m grateful for?

  • What is the bigger picture for me? Do I feel like I have a purpose in life? If so, what is it? If not, is there something I’m super passionate about? Which things do I want to bring into this life to create a better world?

  • How are my relationships? How do I feel when I’m with my friends, my partner, my family? What are the things I really enjoy about these relationships and what are the things I can’t stand? Which relationships make you feel loved and accepted and which ones cause stress, harm or imbalance?

  • What do I want to let go of, so I can align with my Higher Self?

  • How do I react in stressful situations/communications? Am I quick to jump to conclusions? Am I just spinning my own idea based on internal conflicts rather than on facts? Do I really listen to the words of others, or do I just hear the things I want to hear?

On the mat: Gemini is an airy sign. It’s connected to the area of the shoulders, the arms, the hands and to the lungs because of the airy qualities of this energy. This zodiac sign and the corresponding body parts are all about bringing the inner world and the outer world together. We breathe in, we breathe out. Our hands and arms help us to connect, to give and to receive. Finding the balance between polarities.

Asanas to include into your full moon practice are backbends with focus on opening the shoulders (ustrasana/camel pose is great) or other asanas that create space in the shoulders and upper body (eagle arms, cow-face arms).

In general, focus on deep breathing in your asana practice, but the element of air is telling us that we should focus on some pranayama. Nadi Shodhana, the alternating nostril breath, is great here because it aims to balance your energy.

A heart chakra meditation could be nice to practice compassion, gratitude and surrendering to the universal love. With our hearts wide open and a calm mind, we are able to bring all the ideas we have to live.

Don’t give up, blessings will come

To sum it up, the Gemini Full Moon brings a lot of fresh air into our routines. We should find out what really fits for us and start to trust ourselves. The information you could receive this full moon is going to increase the knowledge about yourself. Take this information and use them wisely. New doors will open soon, now you have time to prepare yourself for whatever is coming.

Happy Full Moon & Namaste


Laura Jane


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