Aquarius New Moon – Newborn

The Aquarius New Moon on February 4th bears optimistic, generous and philosophical energies. As Aquarius is the free-spirited rebel, this New Moon brings everything you need to set your intentions for a fresh headstart into a life full of freedom and self-expression.

Aquarius New Moon – Humanitarian Rebels

This New Moon, the airy qualities of Aquarius carry a lot of fresh winds into our lives. We crave for renewal, we want to shed old skin, so we can feel free and stay true to our inner callings. Freedom and individualism are typical aquarian topics. These energies can show you in what aspects of your life you are stuck and need some new perspectives on things. Also, this New Moon gives you the opportunity to express yourself truly and freely. Go for the things that bring you joy. Aquarius is a Chameleon and likes to change, to be innovative. Don’t be shy. We are all unique diamonds with our own way to shine.

As much self-expression is important within the Aquarian energies, as important is the social complex. Connecting with like-minded is refreshing and nurturing but you should also explore how you feel concerning society/community. The Aquarian nature is to be humanitarian, to bring change for the benefit of mankind. How could you contribute? Every small step is important!

Spiritual Growth & Manifesting Visions

There are some good aspects adding up to this New Moon constellation. New Moon trine Jupiter calls for social gatherings, having fun and enjoying life. Be generous to yourself and others!

Moreover, New Moon conjunct Mercury gives us a boost in our logical thinking that can help us to keep an objective eye on what we are going to do next. Being the martyr isn’t helping anyone. The Aquarian energies on their shadow side tend to bring distance into relationships if you feel attacked or constrained. Instead of blind rebellion think through what other possibilities you have to overcome differences or to bring balance.

Also, the Aquarius New Moon takes place exactly between Saturn sextile Neptune. Both planets are in their home-signs and this constellation gives us a boost to bring our dreams into reality. Neptune represents our dreams, visions and best qualities while Saturn represents structure, wisdom and planning. Break your goals down into little steps and follow them. Stick to the little things, celebrate every win and over time the Universe will give you for what you have asked.

How to Work with the Energies

New Moons are perfect to set new intentions for the coming moon cycle. You should definitely meet some likeminded people around this New Moon, because this could give you some very interesting new input and perspectives. But yet take some time to ground and set your intentions for the path you wanna walk. These questions can help you to tune in with the New Moon vibe:

  • Do I balance my intuition and logical thinking when it comes to decision making? On what side could I work to bring more balance?
  • Do outside events trigger/influence me easily? Do I use these situations/feelings as guidance or do I feel negative about them? What triggers me/makes me feel uncomfy? Can I dive deeper and explore what is hidden beneath these feelings?
  • What things in my life are running in circles? Where am I stuck in old patterns? What was my “old behaviour”? What other possibilities do I have to react and create more positive experiences for myself?
  • What type of person do I want to be? How do I envision my “highest self”? What is my version of a perfect world?
  • How can I help and support others? How can I contribute to make the world a better place?
  • Do I give without any conditions or expectations? Do I stick to my own ethics/morals?
  • What are my talents? What things do I enjoy? What steps can I take to bring my dreams and visions into life?
  • What is freedom to me?

On the mat: The sign of Aquarius is connected to the lower legs and veins. Everything that reverses the blood flow is here beneficial. From easy inversions like viparita karani or downward-facing dog to more advanced ones like headstand, choose as you like. The warrior sequence is nice to cultivate concentration and focus and you can combine your intentions into your practice here. Use them like mantras. Don’t forget to ground yourself and still the mind, so practice some seated forward folds with extended legs, hip-openers if you like and go for some minutes of breathing meditation.

Shedding Old Skin

I hope this New Moon you can find the courage to bring your light to the stage and let it shine brightly. Gather with your tribe, establish supportive relationships and express yourself without minding what others might think. Staying in the box prevents growth and is kinda boring. Outside there are endless opportunities that want to be explored. Go for them.

I wish you a happy Aquarius New Moon,

Lots of Love, Namaste ❤ 🙂

Laura Jane


Capricorn New Moon – Setting Intentions

On January 6th, 2019, there will be a partial solar eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn. This is the day when the mystical “12 days after Christmas” or “Rauhnächte” end. The time between the years is over, the gap to the mystical realms widens again. This first New Moon of the new year is ideal to put some intentions out into the Universe for a magnificent year 2019!

Team Meeting in the Sign of Capricorn

The new moon constellation is settled directly between Saturn and Pluto and Mercury resides in Capricorn too.

Capricorn is known to be good at planning and organizing and business/career is a topic here. What are your dreams and what can you bring to the table? From there, what are your next steps? All the transformations from last year showed the idea of a path you could walk on. Now it’s time to pack your backpack wisely. Saturn adds some extra seriousness to the pot but smoothing energies are just around the corner. Mercury enhances the ability to put some logic into our planning and helps to communicate clearly which direction you have to go.

Sweet-Sour Side-Dish and Dessert of Choice

The energies at the beginning of this new year give us excited and optimistic feels. With all this new energy pouring in we could easily lose our mind which way to go. Neptun in Aries trine Mercury sends innovative and pioneering energy but with Mars in Aries square Mercury this could lead to over-impulsive decisions or just an overload of projects to run after. There are a lot of shiny new ideas but listen closely to the voice within, it tells you which ones are the diamonds you should go after. Neptune sextile Capricorn New Moon brings a lighter, sweeter note to the energy mix. We’re fueled from within, we just have to let it out purely. Also, Neptune gives us a boost in creativity & sensitivity which helps to create plans from within.

In this a-bit-of-everything mix, it’s important to clarify what is the fuel behind your goals. Is it personal growth or just the need to gather more material things? Is there a hole inside yourself that you just want to fill or is there something inside yourself which you want to bring to life? The world is in a critical state and we should overthink the status quo and ask ourselves what is REALLY important to us.

How to Work with the Energies

The energies around this New Moon bring a lot of fresh new winds and with a little bit of effort and structure you can fly high this year.

Off the mat: Practice gratitude. Even if you have it done already, again, practice gratitude. Let go of all grief, negativity and competition from last year and give thanks to every experience. See them as teachers. You are always at the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Then, work with these questions:

  • What are my dreams and wishes for the coming 12 months?
  • What is the intention behind every wish or dream? Which things truly resonate with the life I want to live and the person I want to be? And what is just stuff that’s not deeply needed? Go for the inner callings, not trends. Travel with light but important baggage.
  • What are my abilities and talents? How can they help me on my way? How can I nurture and expand them?
  • What are some new things I want to experience?
  • What are first mini-steps to make my dreams come true?

On the mat: The sign of Capricorn is associated with the knees but even more general with all the bigger joints in the body. Flexibility is the working field here. Find a balance here between flexibe but strong muscles that support you in the best way. Asanas like the warrior series are nice (they also give a lot of focus), trikonasana, side plank, tree pose, garudasana and stretches for the wrists.

Meditate. Create peace of mind before you fall into crazy planning. Remember you don’t have to set out the master plan that’s waterproof. The stillness of the mind bears a lot of answers. Get a clear vision that comes from within. This will show you the way. Trust in the process.

Happy New Year 2019

May this year be full of blessings. May this year be the year of change. Change towards more love, fun, togetherness, lust for life, adventure, friendship, equality and justice. I wish you all the best experience on your way and the energy to handle whatever the universe may serve you. The outlook is positive. Fall in love with yourself, with others, with life. Then stay there.

Happy New Year 2019!

Hari om, Namaste ❤

Laura Jane

Sagittarius New Moon – Taking Aim

Sag New Moon Header

A lot of activating, fiery energies are streaming into earth’s realms this New Moon on Friday 7th, 2018. Sagittarius belongs to the fire signs but its fire is a warming, fun and loving one. Nevertheless, there are some cosmic constellations that give an explosive twist that could burn us if we don’t pay attention to our inner wisdom.

Lust For Life

On Friday, the Sun and the Moon will meet in the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. This fire sign is known for being fun, loving and full of ideas.  The Sag-Energy is outgoing and made for looking at a bigger picture. This New Moon is great to get clear about what your life’s purpose may be or to develop ideas that you want to bring into your life. Supported by Jupiter, the pathway points to a bright, happy direction.

New Moon Square Mars & Neptune

Square aspects always add a challenging nature to the current energies. Mars sets impulses to come into action. We experience motivation but on the other hand, we could experience the “negative” end of this spectrum which is overstressing or getting aggressive.  The conjunction of Mars and Neptune holds the potential for romance and sensuality but also delusion and pressure. On the one hand we feel so overwhelmed by all the new input and ideas forming for our lives’ paths but on the other hand, we must take care that we don’t get attached, that we don’t want to control everything and push too hard.

These days we could encounter a lot of trigger moments that challenge us to face our fears or destructive emotional patterns that might come to the surface.

Warrior of Light

To ensure that we still go with the universal flow we should remind ourselves of the warrior of light. A wise warrior doesn’t run around, swinging his sword wildly and uncontrolled. A wise warrior has a mission that’s aligned with his high ideals and morals. He has a defined goal and only enters a battle that is worth fighting. Fears are faced. Get to know the enemy, sometimes it’s the best teacher. Moreover, the spiritual warrior is deeply connected to his intuition and feelings. Energy isn’t put into things that don’t align with his journey but are genuinely distributed and restored from time to time. And if you think now of the symbol of the Archer with his bow and arrow, you find the key for this New Moon: stay grounded and focused. Where focus goes, energy flows.

How to Work with the Energies

A key mantra for this New Moon is “Plant the seeds but don’t force progress”. We can already feel in which direction the universe is directing us but everything has a divine timing. The fire is burning in us but we need to learn how to wisely channel our energy in the desired directions.

Off the mat: New Moons are the time where the cycle is in a sort of hibernation. We should accept that the energy takes a break to form new possibilities. The best to do is to take some time to sit with yourself and work with these questions:

  • What are “distractions” in my life that regularly stop me from the things I really want to do? How much energy is put into unnecessary action or what areas in my life are neglected and need more energy?
  • What things or situations trigger behaviours that I don’t like about myself? How could I avoid these triggers or what are better ways to react? Break the unconscious auto-mode of behavioural patterns.
  • What things do I want to achieve in my life? Do I have big life goals or some sort of “mission” and if so, what is it? What steps can I take to move in this desired direction?
  • What things spark a fire in me? What keeps me curious and willing to learn? What makes my heart beat faster?
  • What am I afraid of? What scares me and why is this so? What are the underlying fears? Realistically facing your fears makes them less scary.
  • What is your vision of your “higher self”? Are you already aligned with these values or where do you need to put in some work and move toward this vision?
  • How do I interact in relationships? What are patterns that you can notice? If you think of complicated relationships, what did they have in common? Identifying patterns can help to overcome them.

On the mat: The sign of Sagittarius is connected to our hips and thighs. The Archer needs a stable foundation to focus properly. In your asana practice, focus on grounding and at the same time an uplifting movement. Your feet send downward energy that helps to uplift the rest of the body. Use drishtis, fixation points for your eyes. Remember: where attention goes, energy flows. On this New Moon, we need to learn to strengthen our foundations, to set a clear goal but also to let go and trust in the perfect timing of the universe. In the asana practice, strengthen and stretch your hips and legs. The dancing warrior sequence is wonderful because it works with the bodily parts and at the same time you can cultivate a feeling for your inner warrior. To finish, bring in some seated forward folds like gomukhasana variation or upavistha konasana, poses that ground you and are meditative.

Practice anuloma viloma breathing to balance your sun and moon energies and close with a visualisation meditation. Visualise your inner warrior. A warrior that walks with strength and grace, a warrior that wisely puts in the effort towards his goal.

Taking the High Road

Warriors of Light never have an easy road. At the same time, they don’t fall for pathways that are super complicated either. In these days of the New Moon, connect with your inner warrior. You yourself know best, what things serve a purpose and what things are waste of time. You always have the power to create the life you want. The only thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself. Talk the walk and even more important walk the talk. Everything comes around in perfect timing. Plant your intentions, shoot your arrow with a lot of focus and the universe will lead that arrow to the goal.

Happy New Moon you wonderful souls out there!

All the best, Namaste 🙂 ❤


Laura Jane







Gemini Full Moon – Progress is in the Air

Gemini Full Moon

The coming full moon on November 23rd is going to be about progress, relationships and ideas. We’re asked to bring our talents to the table and if we keep a clear vision and are able to not push too hard on the things we want, the universe is sending blessings all the way. As usual, we have to put in the work to harvest the fruits

Ideas, bigger pictures and relationships

Full Moon in Gemini is associated with the gaining of wisdom or information. The sign of Gemini stands for ideas, flexibility and easy adaption. And as the moon just entered this sign (0.5°) we are standing in front of a blank page. Everything is possible. We could feel the strive to move forward or to finally bring this vision of ourselves which we created the last new moon to live.

On the other side, in opposition to the moon, we have the Sun and Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius. The person we are and that we show the world is thinking in bigger pictures. We want to move to the sunny side of life. Not just an artificial, commercial, short-time happiness but rather living our ethics and morals and thus helping to create a more loving world.

Mercury (still in retrograde until December 6th) is accompanying the Sun and Jupiter. So it’s better to not directly put every idea or thought into the process of manifestation. Mercury retrograde makes it harder to communicate easily and it’s not the perfect time to start something new.

With these constellations given another conflict that may occur is what we want to bring into this world and how our families and close ones think of that.

Venus in Opposition to Uranus, Mars Square Full Moon

Having relationships as a topic, Venus in Libra opposite to Uranus in Aries doesn’t make things easier. The free-spirited nature of Uranus’s energy may hold a lot of surprises. Either you feel the need to free yourself from relationships that don’t hold anything good for you or older relationships get a new flip to them.

Another stressing aspect is the square that Mars builds to the Moon and also to the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. We can experience a lot of drive and motivation these days but just jumping forward and pushing things to the limit won’t do it. If we are able to bring impulsive reactions under control we can manage to maintain our balance. Listen to the voice within and ask yourself am I just reacting to external stimuli or do I make my own evaluated decisions based on facts and aligned with my values?

How to work with the energies

The Gemini Full Moon gives us a bright and lucky outlook for the coming weeks if we are able to act with circumspection.

It’s important to learn that we have the power to create what we want. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. It’s designed to help us learn, grow and evolve. You don’t just have to react to external stimuli and jump to conclusions based on past experiences. You can decide to be in the moment. Every moment. And in the present moment, you have all the tools you need: your intuition, the analytical mind and your emotions. Observe them.

Off the mat: Gemini energy is crafty and artsy. Write, draw, work with your hands and create something! Also, you can work with these questions to see what’s your individual message this Gemini Full Moon.

  • Are some new moon intentions accomplished? If yes, what helped you, if no what needs to be refined?

  • What things happened to me in the last weeks which I’m grateful for?

  • What is the bigger picture for me? Do I feel like I have a purpose in life? If so, what is it? If not, is there something I’m super passionate about? Which things do I want to bring into this life to create a better world?

  • How are my relationships? How do I feel when I’m with my friends, my partner, my family? What are the things I really enjoy about these relationships and what are the things I can’t stand? Which relationships make you feel loved and accepted and which ones cause stress, harm or imbalance?

  • What do I want to let go of, so I can align with my Higher Self?

  • How do I react in stressful situations/communications? Am I quick to jump to conclusions? Am I just spinning my own idea based on internal conflicts rather than on facts? Do I really listen to the words of others, or do I just hear the things I want to hear?

On the mat: Gemini is an airy sign. It’s connected to the area of the shoulders, the arms, the hands and to the lungs because of the airy qualities of this energy. This zodiac sign and the corresponding body parts are all about bringing the inner world and the outer world together. We breathe in, we breathe out. Our hands and arms help us to connect, to give and to receive. Finding the balance between polarities.

Asanas to include into your full moon practice are backbends with focus on opening the shoulders (ustrasana/camel pose is great) or other asanas that create space in the shoulders and upper body (eagle arms, cow-face arms).

In general, focus on deep breathing in your asana practice, but the element of air is telling us that we should focus on some pranayama. Nadi Shodhana, the alternating nostril breath, is great here because it aims to balance your energy.

A heart chakra meditation could be nice to practice compassion, gratitude and surrendering to the universal love. With our hearts wide open and a calm mind, we are able to bring all the ideas we have to live.

Don’t give up, blessings will come

To sum it up, the Gemini Full Moon brings a lot of fresh air into our routines. We should find out what really fits for us and start to trust ourselves. The information you could receive this full moon is going to increase the knowledge about yourself. Take this information and use them wisely. New doors will open soon, now you have time to prepare yourself for whatever is coming.

Happy Full Moon & Namaste


Laura Jane

Scorpio New Moon – Storms and Rainbows

Scorpio New Moon

Here we go, the ending of the old cycle is coming and the new one is waiting ahead. Scorpio season came with all kind of challenging emotions and situations, but now we really feel the need to change, to evolve, to grow, to make our visions real. It’s all about realizing karmic debts and to transform ourselves into the best visions of ourselves.

Deep Diving

On November 7th, 2018, the sun and the moon are going to meet in the sign of Scorpio.  Before you can easily sow your seeds, you first have to listen to the sounds from the deep waters of your soul. Scorpio’s energy is very deep, energetic and also mysterious, so prepare for deep emotions. This New Moon is all about overcoming old behavioural automatisms and thinking patterns and to transform emotional trauma. Acknowledge where you come from but realize that you’re not defined by your past. You’re a warrior and you have the willpower to work through everything that you want to overcome. However, you should not forget that the warrior attitude is different from a furious Scorpio, hiding behind his shell and hurting with its sting.

Neptune and Pluto are sending energies that can help you with your transformation. You may feel the need for a connection to something bigger. Take these visions of yourself and your personal “perfect world” and compare that to the things you want to get rid of. This could show you a path to burn the old weeds and plant new seeds on fertile soil.

Venus Retrograde

We all have these ghosts from the past. Whether it’s some ex-lover or friend, emotional or situational triggers, we all have these things that make us go nuts. Sometimes we even think that these chapters were closed a long time ago. But hey, don’t you forget Venus Retrograde and the sometimes strange humour of the universe.

Everything in your life that is connected to any kind of relationships or community could feel super stressful right now. Venus’s energy is asking you to balance your relationships concerning the parts of giving and receiving, of healthy self-love versus egoism and how you live freely according to your vision without stepping on the feet of the ones close to you. Overall, you just want to find that inner attitude of love and be loved, team play, peace and beauty. Uranus in opposition to Venus brings impulsiveness and rapid changes in our thinking or emotions so it might feel drowning. Though, you know what you need to rescue yourself. As mentioned before, pay attention to karmic situations. What does feel familiar? How did you react before and what were the outcomes? This is the chance to start new, to choose new ways of reacting and to be the person you really want to be.

How to work with the energies

Summing it all up, the Scorpio New Moon asks us to transform all the things of which we know that stop us from living our vision. We can bring it all together, community, relationships and at the same time living authentically and autonomously. We just have to encourage ourselves and believe in us. Often we know on point what things aren’t serving our happiness, but we still do them because we are used to it. It seems to be the easy way out. In the end, we feel overwhelmed and helpless and the toxic spiral continues. Now is the time to break these chains.

Off the mat: Work with these questions in whatever form you like, some examples are integrating them into your journaling practice, to meditate on them or just think about them if you have some quiet time for yourself. Feel free to handle this your way, this work is very intuitive and personal. So here come my suggestions:

  • What things block me from being my “Higher Self”? This can be people, situations, some behaviour you don’t like, whatever. For example, you say you eat healthily or want to eat healthily but your actions are living on energy drinks and fast food. Note these things down and try to think of what you can really do to change this. Dream big but note down little steps towards that bigger picture. This makes it easier to stay motivated. Be forgiving with others and yourself.
  • What is my shadow? Every one of us has it. This dark part of ourselves that we would like to hide all the time or get rid of. But it’s a part of us we can’t get rid of. We only can learn to accept it and to live with it. At this point, the shadow loses its power. Be kind to yourself. Forgive.
  • What things do I want to achieve, create or learn? How does growth look like for me? And how could I bring this into my daily life? Same here: Big dreams, small steps.
  • How can I be independent and free but, at the same time, have a strong connection to the community and environment? Sometimes it’s just a fine line. And as important your happiness and personal freedom is, as important is it to be there for each other, to have a support group and to respect the planet we live on.

On the mat: The sign of Scorpio is associated with the lower abdomen and the sexual organs, the womb area. They represent vitality and creation. The place where the Shakti energy, the creational life force, resides. The New Moon asks us to step into our full creational potential, to harness that shakti power and be that loving warrior that makes an impact. Life is about creating, loving and experiencing, so let’s do this and have fun while we do it. Here are my suggestions for a practice on the mat around these New Moon topics.

  • All asanas that strengthen the inner organs. This happens with all twists and forward folds because, for a short time, we cut a bit of the blood flow. When we release the posture, more blood rushes back, brings more oxygen and improves the work of our internal organs. Supine twist, twisted seat or seated and hip opening forward folds…you choose.
  • Practice mula bandha. Bring awareness to your pelvic floor. One exercise here is to roll a strap to a little “ball” and then you sit on it, like a hen on the egg. Place that “ball” just in front of your perineum and imagine you wanted to suck that “egg” into your lower belly using your pelvic muscles.
  • Hip openers ❤ I love them, some of us hate them, but nothing goes better than hip openers with the practice of letting go of things.
  • The lower three chakras are linked to the energies of this New Moon. Find your base, grow roots. Create and enjoy. Know yourself and know your strength. Meditate on the chakras. You can visualize them, their colours, their qualities.

After Rain Comes Sunshine

Remember, every obstacle bears the opportunity to learn and grow. Life comes in waves, and after rain comes sunshine. And sometimes, after the darkest storm, the clouds open up and a rainbow shows up to mark a new beginning.

Love and Laugh, Namaste 🙂 ❤


Laura Jane



Taurus Full Moon – Steady but Fiery

Taurs Full Moon oct 2018

The Taurus Full Moon on October 24th will deal with the key topics of the need for stability versus freely expressing the self. As full moons, in general, illuminate our emotions and inner worlds, some rollercoaster rides could shake us. But it’s not to scare us. The universe wants you to put the work in, to really get clear what things you finally don’t need anymore. It’s more important than ever to burn all these old patterns and conditioning and to live according to your truth.

Conflicting Energies

The Taurus Full Moon shows us where in our lives we are asking for more stability. But with stability, I don’t mean prisons, strict routines and stagnant energy. It’s a more loose form of structure that gives you a blueprint at hand. Uranus is conjunct to the moon and hence brings in some chaos. The Taurus energy wants stability for steady progress but the Uranus energy wants freedom and space to express new ideas and the true self. To find some balance here, it’s important to differentiate between the need for stability out of fear or the need for stability because we know balance can only be attained by a fine-tuning of stability and movement.

Venus Retrograde in Opposition to the Moon

Venus is retrograde and conjunct to the sun. As the sun represents the core of your being during the full moon phase we could witness tension in our relationships, as sometimes the need to create the lives we want conflicts with our relationships. The love affairs as well as family and friends. The retrograde phase brings insights into past events that concerned your relationships. Again, you could be challenged with old useless patterns or persons from the past could rise up. Try to observe what needs to be released and then transform these things and move on, being the fresh, brave person you are.

Saturn Comes to Help

As conflicting and maybe stirring these energies might be, there are also supporting energies streaming in. Saturn builds nice aspects to the Moon-Uranus constellation as well as to the Sun-Venus constellation. Use this support by acting wisely. Saturn in Capricorn stands for mature and elaborate decisions. Sometimes just pushing forward for your hearts callings comes too hasty. It’s important to remember that every cause, every action has an effect. There are many ways towards a goal. Choose the high road. Go your path but don’t trample other beings.

How to Work with the Energies

I know, you read this here all the time, but make sure you take some time for yourself. It’s just like that. The moon events are linked to times of introspection and in our rushing, externally orientated world we tend to forget that all creativity and all life comes from within. Therefore, sit with your thoughts and feelings. Only in a dark void or on a blank space there is room for something new.

Taurus Full Moon

Off the mat: Do the inner work. Create some time for yourself, to be alone. Choose your favourite tool for self-evaluation. That can be writing things down (journaling), you can just think of it (but writing is more powerful because it’s the next step in manifesting things) or you meditate on those questions. Then ask yourself these questions and work with them:

  • What things in my life are really outdated? What brings me more negative feelings than positive? Why did I stick to it and in contrast how do I want to change? What person do I want to be and which actions reflect that I live according to my truth and can create that person?
  • What kind of freedom does the person that I want to become need? Where are the boundaries?
  • What sort of structure can be harmonious to me, so I can still keep my freedom and express myself the way I want?
  • What can I learn from past relationships that didn’t turn out in my favour? And remember: There are always two sides. And the only side you can control is your side. So instead of thinking about how you can avoid something, think how you can pro-actively make positive decisions that are based on love and trust but still keep you safe. Act out of love, not of fear. Break these patterns!
  • Practice shifting perspectives: to cultivate a wise manner of making decisions, it’s important to practice the cause and effect thinking. Take a situation. How would you normally react and what are the consequences, even consequences that come after a day, a week? And how would you react when you could react like the best, loving version of yourself, still making a point? How would these consequences look like? It’s important to always know how much power and impact we can have. And very often consequences need some time to show up.
  • Practice gratitude. List all the things that you are grateful for in the last two weeks.

On the mat: The sign of Taurus is connected to the element of earth and the body areas of the neck & throat, the ears and the upper shoulder parts. Doing soft neck-movements and stretches and some easy shoulder-exercises can feel very easing and take bodily or mental pressure away. On the one hand, grounding asanas are needed to create the feeling of being safe and sound, to have stability within yourself. Use seated forward folds (also enhance the introspection) and easy twists to care for your body and mind. On the other hand, we need some energies that kick-ass, that transform and bring new fresh ideas and self-esteem. Try to play with inversions. Headstand, handstand, forearm stand, shoulder stand. Or the softest version, viparita karani (legs up the wall). For successful inversions, you need an active core work, so if you really are going for the tricky ones, make sure that you are warmed up properly. Moreover, bring a few hip-openers to the mat. The old emotional traumas are most like to be stored energetically in the hip area. Opening the hips allows the energy to flow again, to create life, to open new circles instead of running around in old ones. Transform what no longer serves you.

This too shall pass

Life is a constantly swinging between ups and downs and as tricky as it is sometimes, we need both sides of the spectrum to know that the other exists. Without the darkness, there would be no wisdom about light. So remember: This too shall pass. Cultivate the good times, learn from the bad. In the end, we are all just striving for balance.

Happy Full Moon, may you have a smooth ride on the cosmic waves.

Laugh & Love, Namaste!


Laura Jane


Libra New Moon – Find Peace

Libra New Moon Header

Sorry Folks for the late blog post but I really needed time to find my balance again. I took my time to do some self-care, so please forgive me that this Libra New Moon just comes with a short summary.

It’s all about Balance and Inner Peace

This Libra New Moon is all about harmony and balance. Where in your relationships you need to cultivate more balance and be open making compromises? Balance could also be restored by stopping to give yourself away too much and set clear boundaries. Evaluate your relationships with the outside world and also the relationship with yourself.

Work on embracing every part of yourself. During this new moon, patterns from our past concerning our behaviour in relationships could arise. Pay attention to these patterns: Do they bring a peaceful outcome or do they make you suffer? Adjust correctly and restore the balance.

Lush Life is coming

As Libra is an air sign, the beautiful sides of life want to be discovered now. Being in peace with yourself is the first step to take life not too seriously and just go with the flow. We want to enjoy life but it’s possible to step through the darkness one more time before we come to the sunny side. Learn your lessons, break old patterns and create a new you, be that person you always wanted to be.

New Moon on and off the Mat

So there is this little summary. Think about the topics mentioned in the picture, do some journaling, meditate on them. Just work with them in the way you prefer. For your practice on the mat, I’d recommend a literally balanced practice.  Combine a gentle flow withLibra New Moon balancing postures like virabhadrasana 3, ardha chandrasana, tree pose or standing figure four and also some smooth backbends. Cool down with very gentle restorative poses like seated forward folds and side bends and a long reclined twist. Set an intention for your practice, create some new affirmations that help grow the seeds you planted. Practice alternate nostril breath for pranayama and include some minutes of meditation.


Hope you all enjoy the clean libra energy and the fall season.

Happy New Moon & Namaste

Love & Laugh


Laura Jane

Aries Full Moon – Trick(y) or Treat

Aries Full Moon Header

Two days after the fall equinox, Aries Full Moon serves us fiery energies. We get the chance to take a stand but are also challenged to keep our relationships to others in balance (Sun in Libra). The energies support us to communicate clearly what we want and need, though we should not forget to serve.

Fire and Air

The Aries energy may stir up your emotions. With the full moon enlightening your feelings, you may feel the need for change, to push forward and to strive for your goals. Everything that doesn’t feel right for you is likely to be removed right now. In opposition to this, Libra’s energies ask you to care for balance. The Sun is accompanied by Mercury, so logical and analytical thinking but also clear communication could be a key to solve the tension. Every action you take has an impact on you as well as on others. Keep that always in mind before you jump to conclusions and actions. Managing to bring these two opposing energies together can result in a huge benefit and combined power to reach for a higher goal.

A rational, maybe over-analyzing, mind and conflicting emotions could lead to confusions and the feeling of being stuck. The cosmic fall season just started. Give yourself a pause to reflect on the things that happened earlier this year. Give thanks for the good things and consider what else could be improved to turn out better next time. It’s time to prepare for a whole new chapter.

Bonds and Boundaries

The fire burning in you knows exactly what it wants. Don’t ignore that spark but neither spill gasoline onto it. Consciously choose what things you feed this fire. Set clear boundaries for yourself and others, so no one gets burned, but also mark the places where you can all sit together near a warm and safe fireplace.

A centred self and a diplomatic attitude towards others are key to just naturally take action and step into your own power.

Moon Yoga & Rituals

The Aries Full Moon energies are all about balancing selfish behaviour to fulfil our dreams and being of service without losing ourselves. About not being too pushy or egoistic in our actions. About setting healthy boundaries without hurting another. About communicating clearly our wants and needs by still being open to serve without asking anything. The energies are creating up’s and down’s in our emotion and thinking so in general, go slow but go steady!

Off the mat: Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you really want or need to feel “whole”?
  • What are your personal boundaries?
  • What can you give to this world, how can you serve?
  • How do you communicate and speak? Are you using words that express respect, love, peace, openness and, in general, positivity or are the words you use rather negative?
  • Do you communicate your feelings at all? If so, how does this communication look like? Is it rather emotionally-hysterical or are you grounded, speaking calm but from your heart?
  • What are you thankful for?

Work with these questions, write the answers down, or meditate on the questions,  whatever. Create yourself a ritual for being thankful, maybe note these things down. Give yourself some time to be alone around the full moon to get a clear vision of what you want your life to look like and how you see yourself but also how you see yourself in relationship to others.

On the mat: The sign of Aries is connected to the head but also to the senses. Not too surprisingly, a lot of the sensory organs are part of the “head-region” of our bodies. Fiery and windy energies can overload our senses and feelings and we should practice becoming still and centred. Gratitude and humbleness are also themes to explore. Forward folding asanas like uttanansa, upavistha konasana and child’s pose (and their variations) are some examples you could practice centring yourself and listening to your inner voice. Going slow also calls for a restorative or yin-oriented practice. Don’t push yourself to the limits these days. Another group of asanas that fits for these topics are hip openers. For those who are into pranayama, try the alternate nostril breath (nadi shodhana).

Care for your senses too. Meditate to stop your monkey-mind from over-analyzing. Meditate on your breath or work with the “Let-Go”-Mantra. On your inhalation, you think “Let.” and on the exhalation, you think “Go.” Another option could be trying to focus on your senses. Where do you feel your body connected to the ground or where can you feel some air on your skin? Try to listen without judging or categorizing.

Blooming in Fall

Indian Summer. Harvest Season. And the motto of this full moon could be “Trick or Treat”. The energies are supporting a change that could result in blooming. We must be willing to do the work. To care for ourselves and others, to plan and communicate wisely. A balanced relationship between us, others and our environment is an important thing we should wrap our mind around this Aries Full Moon if we want to enjoy some more sunny vibes.

Until next time,

Love and Laugh, Namaste


Laura Jane

Virgo New Moon – Dream Your Reality

Virgo New Moon Header

The last waves of cosmic energies were quite a ride and it felt like fishing in muddy waters. On Sunday, the new moon will occur in the sign of Virgo. Confusion might be around but also the time qualities hold the opportunity to let the dust settle and see the bottom of the lake. There, you find your personal treasure. Autumn season is about to start and it’s time to harvest the things we have earned through authentic work.

Organized Virgo facing Dreamy Neptune

Sun and Moon are meeting in the sign of Virgo. The incoming energies are very organized and clean, so it’s time to refine the things you’re working on. The confusion you may feel here is due to Virgo’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules this sign and is sending energies that are asking us to dream, to fantasize and to connect to the spiritual realms. We come from a place which holds every possibility you can imagine and, at the same time, is a wonderful chaos. These energies in opposition might cause tension because either your head is just a bit too much in the clouds and you can’t bring your ideas down to earth, or you just run behind the material world’s to-do-list and your inner child is crying out to you to believe in your dreams. As usual, balance these energies. Use the tension as a teacher. It shows you where you need to smooth out the edges to make a full circle. Virgo is a great healing sign that likes to bring body, mind and soul together. You may feel the need now to really live according to your vision of life and your own set of standards. Go for it!

In the next time, Mercury is also residing in the sign of Virgo, thus communication comes easy and well-structured. Still, pay attention to speaking your truth and keeping your authenticity. The energies want some balance here, too!

Light vs Darkness

It’s always been about these two sides. Naturally, we want to choose the light but the darkness wove its threads deep into our subconsciousness. In these times the energies you experience may be stressing because old wounds, toxic and manipulative patterns or over-sacrificing behaviour could arise (Pluto influence). As mentioned before, try not to lose yourself in these negative patterns but use the Virgo energy to analyze these feelings. This holds the key to healing, to transformation and to freedom. The dynamics of relationships might change and it may feel rough in the beginning but use the fresh winds to free yourself from things that hold you down. Continue reading “Virgo New Moon – Dream Your Reality”

Pisces Full Moon – Harmonious Support, Intense Feelings

Pisces Full Moon

The coming full moon on Sunday, August 26th, will bring energies that you can use to bring things which matter to you, into manifestation. The cosmic constellations provide harmonious energies to work with but if you are not willing to balance things out, you are going to have a turbulent ride.

Feelings versus Rational Mind

This coming full moon will be in Pisces, a sign representing our spiritual side and feelings. As the Moon is the ruler of this sign, emotionally intense times could come up for you, both positive and negative. On top of this, it’s the full moon with its energy shining brightly upon your feelings and emotions. The motto here is: Feel all the feelings! In contrast, we have the sun in Virgo. What we show to the world and also our rational mind and ego are called here. You may try to organize and analyze everything and that can be very tiring. Though, these energies offer you to make a fresh and clean new start.

This aspect builds the major influence, the “spine” of the geometrical construct (see the chart below) the planets are building. These energies are asking you to balance them out, to bring them together. Look at what’s going on inside yourself and you may find a deeper meaning to the things happening in your life. Virgo energy can support you to give yourself a structure, to make a path for yourself to walk on to achieve the things that matter to you. However, not all things in life come as we planned them, so the Pisces energy is asking you to surrender. To do your best but to surrender yourself to something bigger. Everything comes to you with perfect timing and placement, so don’t push too hard on any deadlines you set for yourself.  Create an idea, go step by step but also go with the flow.

Earth Grand Trine and the Kite

The geometrical structure I am talking about here is a special one. The planets are in an alignment that forms a kite, an aspect which is referred to as to be very beneficial.

Pisces Full Moon Chart

We already talked about the opposition, now let’s have a look at these smoothing and supporting energies. Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (all earth signs) are forming a Grand Trine aspect. These energies are supporting each other and also sending supporting energies down to earth. During the next days you could come up with new ideas and plans, you welcome change and additionally, you get things moving and working easily. The earth signs provide you with a lot of energies that you can use to manifest things easily. The last super important aspect here is the Minor Grand Trine formed by Moon, Saturn and Uranus. These energies provide a lot of practical work with your feelings. If you sit with your feelings, observe them, meditate, journal. Work with them, then you get the chance to figure out very easily what is important to you and which changes you want to implement to live life more in tune with the universal flow aka what brings you joy and happiness. All these aspects together form a “kite”, an aspect pattern which is known for smoothing out rough waves.  Continue reading “Pisces Full Moon – Harmonious Support, Intense Feelings”