Laura Jane


I’m a Hippie at heart. I firmly believe that we all can create magic. We all have the power to manifest the happiest and healthiest lives possible for us and others.

Our world today is often super fast, noisy, competitive, separating and stressing. I’d like to inspire people to come back to our true human nature as natural beings, meaning beings that are connected to the natural cycles of nature and life. Mother Nature offers us a lot to explore and to learn from. By becoming a little more relaxed and quiet, by turning our attention a little more inwards than outwards, and by growing together instead of competing with each other, we can start again to connect with a force, that lives in and around us. By connecting with who we really are, by stripping off all the layers which were once given to us but we do not really need, we can achieve almost anything. Health, Joy, Abundance, Love.

We live in exciting times and life is wonderful. We should enjoy the ride together while protecting our home, planet earth. I just can recommend living out of your own personal truth, it’s not easy but oh so worth it. Heart forward. Always.

Hope to see you on the mat 🙂

☮ & ❤

Laura Jane