Aquarius New Moon – Newborn

The Aquarius New Moon on February 4th bears optimistic, generous and philosophical energies. As Aquarius is the free-spirited rebel, this New Moon brings everything you need to set your intentions for a fresh headstart into a life full of freedom and self-expression.

Aquarius New Moon – Humanitarian Rebels

This New Moon, the airy qualities of Aquarius carry a lot of fresh winds into our lives. We crave for renewal, we want to shed old skin, so we can feel free and stay true to our inner callings. Freedom and individualism are typical aquarian topics. These energies can show you in what aspects of your life you are stuck and need some new perspectives on things. Also, this New Moon gives you the opportunity to express yourself truly and freely. Go for the things that bring you joy. Aquarius is a Chameleon and likes to change, to be innovative. Don’t be shy. We are all unique diamonds with our own way to shine.

As much self-expression is important within the Aquarian energies, as important is the social complex. Connecting with like-minded is refreshing and nurturing but you should also explore how you feel concerning society/community. The Aquarian nature is to be humanitarian, to bring change for the benefit of mankind. How could you contribute? Every small step is important!

Spiritual Growth & Manifesting Visions

There are some good aspects adding up to this New Moon constellation. New Moon trine Jupiter calls for social gatherings, having fun and enjoying life. Be generous to yourself and others!

Moreover, New Moon conjunct Mercury gives us a boost in our logical thinking that can help us to keep an objective eye on what we are going to do next. Being the martyr isn’t helping anyone. The Aquarian energies on their shadow side tend to bring distance into relationships if you feel attacked or constrained. Instead of blind rebellion think through what other possibilities you have to overcome differences or to bring balance.

Also, the Aquarius New Moon takes place exactly between Saturn sextile Neptune. Both planets are in their home-signs and this constellation gives us a boost to bring our dreams into reality. Neptune represents our dreams, visions and best qualities while Saturn represents structure, wisdom and planning. Break your goals down into little steps and follow them. Stick to the little things, celebrate every win and over time the Universe will give you for what you have asked.

How to Work with the Energies

New Moons are perfect to set new intentions for the coming moon cycle. You should definitely meet some likeminded people around this New Moon, because this could give you some very interesting new input and perspectives. But yet take some time to ground and set your intentions for the path you wanna walk. These questions can help you to tune in with the New Moon vibe:

  • Do I balance my intuition and logical thinking when it comes to decision making? On what side could I work to bring more balance?
  • Do outside events trigger/influence me easily? Do I use these situations/feelings as guidance or do I feel negative about them? What triggers me/makes me feel uncomfy? Can I dive deeper and explore what is hidden beneath these feelings?
  • What things in my life are running in circles? Where am I stuck in old patterns? What was my “old behaviour”? What other possibilities do I have to react and create more positive experiences for myself?
  • What type of person do I want to be? How do I envision my “highest self”? What is my version of a perfect world?
  • How can I help and support others? How can I contribute to make the world a better place?
  • Do I give without any conditions or expectations? Do I stick to my own ethics/morals?
  • What are my talents? What things do I enjoy? What steps can I take to bring my dreams and visions into life?
  • What is freedom to me?

On the mat: The sign of Aquarius is connected to the lower legs and veins. Everything that reverses the blood flow is here beneficial. From easy inversions like viparita karani or downward-facing dog to more advanced ones like headstand, choose as you like. The warrior sequence is nice to cultivate concentration and focus and you can combine your intentions into your practice here. Use them like mantras. Don’t forget to ground yourself and still the mind, so practice some seated forward folds with extended legs, hip-openers if you like and go for some minutes of breathing meditation.

Shedding Old Skin

I hope this New Moon you can find the courage to bring your light to the stage and let it shine brightly. Gather with your tribe, establish supportive relationships and express yourself without minding what others might think. Staying in the box prevents growth and is kinda boring. Outside there are endless opportunities that want to be explored. Go for them.

I wish you a happy Aquarius New Moon,

Lots of Love, Namaste ❤ 🙂

Laura Jane


Sagittarius New Moon – Taking Aim

Sag New Moon Header

A lot of activating, fiery energies are streaming into earth’s realms this New Moon on Friday 7th, 2018. Sagittarius belongs to the fire signs but its fire is a warming, fun and loving one. Nevertheless, there are some cosmic constellations that give an explosive twist that could burn us if we don’t pay attention to our inner wisdom.

Lust For Life

On Friday, the Sun and the Moon will meet in the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. This fire sign is known for being fun, loving and full of ideas.  The Sag-Energy is outgoing and made for looking at a bigger picture. This New Moon is great to get clear about what your life’s purpose may be or to develop ideas that you want to bring into your life. Supported by Jupiter, the pathway points to a bright, happy direction.

New Moon Square Mars & Neptune

Square aspects always add a challenging nature to the current energies. Mars sets impulses to come into action. We experience motivation but on the other hand, we could experience the “negative” end of this spectrum which is overstressing or getting aggressive.  The conjunction of Mars and Neptune holds the potential for romance and sensuality but also delusion and pressure. On the one hand we feel so overwhelmed by all the new input and ideas forming for our lives’ paths but on the other hand, we must take care that we don’t get attached, that we don’t want to control everything and push too hard.

These days we could encounter a lot of trigger moments that challenge us to face our fears or destructive emotional patterns that might come to the surface.

Warrior of Light

To ensure that we still go with the universal flow we should remind ourselves of the warrior of light. A wise warrior doesn’t run around, swinging his sword wildly and uncontrolled. A wise warrior has a mission that’s aligned with his high ideals and morals. He has a defined goal and only enters a battle that is worth fighting. Fears are faced. Get to know the enemy, sometimes it’s the best teacher. Moreover, the spiritual warrior is deeply connected to his intuition and feelings. Energy isn’t put into things that don’t align with his journey but are genuinely distributed and restored from time to time. And if you think now of the symbol of the Archer with his bow and arrow, you find the key for this New Moon: stay grounded and focused. Where focus goes, energy flows.

How to Work with the Energies

A key mantra for this New Moon is “Plant the seeds but don’t force progress”. We can already feel in which direction the universe is directing us but everything has a divine timing. The fire is burning in us but we need to learn how to wisely channel our energy in the desired directions.

Off the mat: New Moons are the time where the cycle is in a sort of hibernation. We should accept that the energy takes a break to form new possibilities. The best to do is to take some time to sit with yourself and work with these questions:

  • What are “distractions” in my life that regularly stop me from the things I really want to do? How much energy is put into unnecessary action or what areas in my life are neglected and need more energy?
  • What things or situations trigger behaviours that I don’t like about myself? How could I avoid these triggers or what are better ways to react? Break the unconscious auto-mode of behavioural patterns.
  • What things do I want to achieve in my life? Do I have big life goals or some sort of “mission” and if so, what is it? What steps can I take to move in this desired direction?
  • What things spark a fire in me? What keeps me curious and willing to learn? What makes my heart beat faster?
  • What am I afraid of? What scares me and why is this so? What are the underlying fears? Realistically facing your fears makes them less scary.
  • What is your vision of your “higher self”? Are you already aligned with these values or where do you need to put in some work and move toward this vision?
  • How do I interact in relationships? What are patterns that you can notice? If you think of complicated relationships, what did they have in common? Identifying patterns can help to overcome them.

On the mat: The sign of Sagittarius is connected to our hips and thighs. The Archer needs a stable foundation to focus properly. In your asana practice, focus on grounding and at the same time an uplifting movement. Your feet send downward energy that helps to uplift the rest of the body. Use drishtis, fixation points for your eyes. Remember: where attention goes, energy flows. On this New Moon, we need to learn to strengthen our foundations, to set a clear goal but also to let go and trust in the perfect timing of the universe. In the asana practice, strengthen and stretch your hips and legs. The dancing warrior sequence is wonderful because it works with the bodily parts and at the same time you can cultivate a feeling for your inner warrior. To finish, bring in some seated forward folds like gomukhasana variation or upavistha konasana, poses that ground you and are meditative.

Practice anuloma viloma breathing to balance your sun and moon energies and close with a visualisation meditation. Visualise your inner warrior. A warrior that walks with strength and grace, a warrior that wisely puts in the effort towards his goal.

Taking the High Road

Warriors of Light never have an easy road. At the same time, they don’t fall for pathways that are super complicated either. In these days of the New Moon, connect with your inner warrior. You yourself know best, what things serve a purpose and what things are waste of time. You always have the power to create the life you want. The only thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself. Talk the walk and even more important walk the talk. Everything comes around in perfect timing. Plant your intentions, shoot your arrow with a lot of focus and the universe will lead that arrow to the goal.

Happy New Moon you wonderful souls out there!

All the best, Namaste 🙂 ❤


Laura Jane